Artist Registration

Artist Registration
**Please check that your email address has been input correctly.**

Please upload 1-3 samples of your artwork. PNG, JPG, and PDF file types are accepted, with a maximum size of 1MB each. If your files exceed this limit, you will get a file upload error.

^ If you are already working with a sponsor, you will be assigned the size of square that corresponds with the sponsorship level.
^ If applicable, please proved the name of the artist who will be helping you.
Fill in the business name if the sponsor is a business or organization, otherwise fill in the individual's first and last name.
I grant Pastels on 5th Alternatives to Violence the right to use photographs and video footage of my sidewalk chalk artwork (and me) in their brochures, posters, web and Facebook pages, educational materials, and publicity stories. Such photographs may be used only by Pastels on 5th Alternatives to Violence and City of Loveland in legitimate news releases to advertise and promote Pastels on 5th.
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