FAQ for Artists

What kind of pastels are provided?

20150912 Pastels on 5th 2015-470_WEB-X3Koss Soft Chalk Pastels – set of 24. You can achieve beautiful effects with these 24 quality chalk pastels. Each chalk measure 3/8″ square and is 2-1/2″ long. They are easy to hold yet they are soft enough so that a brush, sponge tool, cotton ball, soft cloth or finger can be used to apply them. We will have extras of every color at the Artist Supplies Booth.

What do I need to bring with me to the event?

artistWe recommend you bring knee pads or something to kneel on, paintbrushes (a two inch paint brush comes in very handy), and a spray water bottle (for blending color).  Past years events have been quite warm so you may want a hat, shade umbrella or tent (must have weights) and sunscreen, too.

Do I have to find my own sponsor?

20120908 PastelsOn5th -277-MAbsolutely not.  We are so appreciative of the fact that you are donating your time and talent that we don’t want you to have to chase down a sponsor.  We will do that for you! However, if you know someone who would like to be a sponsor, point them to our website.

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